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Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia. Its name means “stone fortress” and very little remains of the old city due to a devastating earthquake in 1966 and the Soviet rebuilding era. The buildings that managed to survive are helping the city take back its roots. Even though most of the buildings haven’t survived over the years, Tashkent, Uzbekistan is still a city full of Soviet-era monuments and several museums and modern day buildings.

Despite all that its been through this city is a major commercial and transportation center and is now emerging into one of the major economic centers of Central Asia. There are still plenty of important buildings and museums to be seen throughout Tashkent, as well as an abundance of green space and for the little ones try a visit to the puppet theatre. With the city offering so much to see and visit and with it becoming an economic center for Central Asia, it’s no surprise that this city is referred to as the “Star of the Orient”.

All the new construction of different buildings housing anything from banks to hotels is transforming Tashkent, Uzbekistan into a modern metropolis while it still holds on to it’s old city charm. Tashkent’s Underground is a must see on your visit to this ancient city. It’s the only underground area in Central Asia and one of the most beautiful in the world, boasting beautiful glass and marble surfaces as well as several art ceramics. Another must see is Aqua Park Pond which houses an outstanding golf course and a golf club; a perfect destination if visiting during the summer months.

Tourists flock to the many museums that call Tashkent its home such as the State Museum of Fine Arts with plenty of unique exhibits and collections or the Amir Temur Museum dedicated to the dynasty of the Temurids. Museums aren’t the only thing that attracts the attention of tourists there are also 10 theaters located throughout the city opening their doors every evening to welcome their guests. One of the most popular theaters is the Alisher Navoiy Theatre of Opera and Ballet, offering spectacular performances of different opera’s and ballets conducted by Verdi, Bize, Tchaikovsky and many modern Uzbek composers.

About 50 miles from Tashkent, Uzbekistan the Tien Shan and Small Chimgan Mountains can be found; home to the Ugam-Chatkal National Park. This national park attracts tourists year after year, from all over the world. Chimgan Oromgohi a resort and recreation complex often attracts tourists with its charming cottages and comfortable hotels as well as its selection of restaurants and bars. A wide selection of hiking trails ranging from easy ones that any healthy person should be able to tackle to hard-to-make ones where visitors will have to hike up steep slopes and trek over several mountain rivers. Only very experienced hikers should attempt the hard trails. Horseback riding tours are available and in the winter months ski trails can be found throughout the resort as well.

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