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Regina is the capital city of the Canadian province Saskatchewan. It’s rich in resources such as oil, gas, agriculture and tourism; all which help fuel the economy. This city has been recognized as one of the most affordable places to live, do business and work in Western North America. Regina, Saskatchewan is located in the southern portion of the province and is home to the largest legislative building in Canada. The city is also home to the world renowned Royal Canadian Mounted Police Training Academy and the RCMP Heritage Centre.

In the heart of the city sits a 2300 acre urban park, Wascana Centre. The park boasts beautiful views of the Saskatchewan Legislature building and marina. Throughout Wascana you’ll find plenty of walking paths, bird watching areas, tennis courts and picnic and BBQ sites. The park also plays host to the Saskatchewan Science Centre, Kramer IMAX Theatre, (located inside the science center), MacKenzie Art Gallery and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

The Saskatchewan Science Centre has activities for children of all ages. Visitors come from near and far to learn about math, science, technology and the changing world around us. The Kramer IMAX Theatre located within the science center plays several different shows throughout the year that all guests can enjoy. At the MacKenzie Art Gallery one can expect to be dazzled by the exciting world of visual art. The gallery offers several different exhibitions and programs throughout the year.

In 1906 the Royal Saskatchewan Museum opened its doors; originally named the Provincial Museum. This museum was formed to preserve and secure the natural history objects and specimens of ethnological and historical interest from the city of Regina. The objects and specimens housed within the museum are used to educate the people of Regina and its visitors through educational programs, exhibits and research.

Another interesting point of interest worth a visit is the RCMP Heritage Centre. The RCMP plays an important role in Canada’s cultural and historical stories. The beautiful stone, concrete and glass building that houses the RCMP Heritage Centre is home to several state of the art exhibits, engaging programs and multimedia technologies all used to tell the story of the RCMP; a story still being written today.

Regina, Saskatchewan is a city rich in history and offers several significant places of interest worth a visit. Whether you’re looking to experience the arts, take in a show, go on a hike or learn about the fascinating history, Regina is sure to have a spot to fit your interests.

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