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The countries surrounding the Pacific Ocean have helped to create an economic miracle that has become known as the Pacific Rim. The Pacific Rim includes countries that border the Pacific Ocean from North and South America to Asia to Oceania. Most of these countries have experienced major economic change and growth to become components of an economically integrated trade region. Finished goods and raw materials are shipped between the different Pacific Rim states for manufacture, packaging and sale.

In 1944 a geographer by the name of N.J. Spykman published a theory about the "rim." In it he proposed that the control of the “rimland”, as he called it, would effectively allow control of the world. More than sixty years later, we’re able to see that part of his theory holding true, since the power of the Pacific Rim is very extensive.

This region is one to watch as the barriers between the different countries loosen and their populations grow as well as the increase in interdependency. Pacific travel is a huge region with a number of countries to visit and hundreds upon thousands of things to see and do. If a vacation along the pacific is what you’re looking for, you have over 40 countries to choose from as well as a number of islands.

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