Toby Rose II

Travel Agent

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Growing up, every summer, my mother would take us on some sort of adventure. Road tripping in her little Mazda Protege, to a theme park, camping on the ocean, or any sort of getaway she could think of, and afford. That seemed to instill a sense of wanderlust in me, that has only grew larger with age. My first trip to Jamaica I learned how easy travel is, and the amazing lasting effects it has on you. I had officially caught the infamous “travel bug” As I built my career in Retail Management, I always had a longing to travel, to get out of the city, and explore. I’ve been on a lot of amazing adventures, but becoming a travel agent has been my favorite journey. Not only am I traveling more myself, but I get to show people how affordable, and easy travel can be.

I love to explore and see as many new places as possible. If you asked any of my friends, family, or even employees, they will tell you, I'm always on the go, exploring somewhere. The reason I love to be an agent is the freedom, no matter where I am, on a road trip to see the family, or to the mountains, or to the ocean, I can be working. Life is short and I want to enjoy it every second I get!

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