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We are a Full Service Travel Agency Specializing in Cruises and Package Vacations to Mexico,Caribbean and the World.

If you are planning a business trip, a honeymoon, or just your annual vacation, a travel agency can help you to get a great deal on your trip. Even though many online websites now offer great deals, being able to consult with a live agent at a travel agency can be helpful if you are very unfamiliar with an area. If you are about to meet with a travel agent for the first time, you may need to know a few industry terms. Tour - A guided journey through a location. A travel agent can help you to book tours through legitimate companies in a foreign country. Cruise - A trip taken on a luxury ship that stops at different ports all around the world. City - A large municipality typically having a high population. City brochures should be available at a travel agent's office. Club - An organized group of people. Some travel agencies may have frequent user clubs where you can earn rewards for booking a certain number of trips per year. Adventure - An exciting or risky experience. Many vacation destinations have adventure activities such as zip lining or sky diving. Hotel - An establishment where travelers can sleep and sometimes dine on vacation. Package - Refers to when something is included or bundled. Some vacation spots offer all-inclusive vacation packages. Hostel - An affordable group lodging establishment frequently used by young travelers. Airline - A company that runs a group of planes on a regular schedule for both corporate and recreational travel. Travel agents are typically in touch with ticket operators at airlines so that you can find affordable plane tickets. Car - An automobile that can be driven on public roadways. As a tourist on vacation you may need to rent a car.

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