Louis Marino

Travel Agent

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Born to a French mother and an American father, Louis has travelled the world from a very early age. Having lived in Libya and in Indonesia, he's been on the go ever since. Louis is certified International Mountain Leader, the certification needed to work legally in the Alps as a hiking guide, he holds French, Canadian and US citizenship.

We have lived in Chamonix, in the heart of the Alps, for over 11 years, before re-locating to the Canadian Rockies. We ARE the real local experts, and all our guides are certified and have the respective work permits for Europe. We literally know pretty much every stone on the trail, have been friends with the hotel and hut owners for a very long time, and can arrange anything you can possible want out of a hiking trip. We are a small-family run business, no big overhead, which is reflected in our prices. We are more than happy to give you references from past guests. Looking forward to seeing you on the trails, Louis Marino, director and owner of Alpine Interface Inc.

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