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Allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Nihara Ayala . I am travel specialist in Caribbean, Central and South America with 20+ years experience. My curiosity and passion for the Travel Industry and Public Relations started at young age. My desire to travel and getting to know different culture and traditions lead me to have a career in Tourism and public relations. After I graduated I started to work in the hospitality industry where I have learned about excellent services, event planning, recreation activities and more. It was a great deal of knowledge and experience interact with people and help them with any request always makes me happy. After a few year working for a five star hotel I decided to follow my heart and find the job in the Air traffic industry that help me to fulfill my desire to explore the world. I had the opportunity to work for American Airlines at different departments passenger services, flight Attendant, security which gave me the chance to travel to many countries around the globe. Throught all my years working with the airline and traveling always help friends and family to decide what would be a great vacation destination for their love, ones that gave me the idea to became a Travel Agent and spend more time with family doing what I love the most make their dream vacation come true creating travel itineraries, interacting with people, giving them exclusive travel arrangement and excellent services . My philosophy is sustain in listen to the client . They are my priority always looking for new trend in travel destinations that they can adapt to their necessities knowing exactly what they want to find in their dream vacation helping to create unforgettable memories that will last for years to come

My expertise is Mexico and The Caribbean islands. Great destinations have a lot to offer to families, couples, there is something for every one when it come to adventure, relaxation, fun activities I will find the right itinerary for you. You will have great memories for years to come.

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