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Connie Seagle President e-mail: phone: 276-686-6063 cell: 276-724-0376 fax: 540-301-7234 I am a Travel Agent working part-time from home while continuing to work a full time job as an Office Manager. My goal is to become a full time Group Travel Organizer. After having started my travel business through an mlm company and enjoying the travel side of the business but not the mlm side, I was extatic when I found a program that would teach me to become a Group Travel Organizer. Currently, my husband Tommy and I are working at building our mutual admiration travel society, "The Friends of Tommy and Connie Travel Club" by taking 1-2 trips per year with the club. We continue to book individual trips for friends and family and I am branching out to sale corporate travel. Tommy can retire from his job of 25 years in a few months although it will probably be a few more years before he actually does so. Our goal is to replace my income with the commission earned from travel sales. Once we are able to consistently take 30 people or so on group trips, we will pretty much be able to travel for free. Accordingly, when that time comes, we hope to take our travel club on 4-6 awesome trips a year. We are looking forward to growing our travel club and meeting our goals of selling travel full time.

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