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This questions always perplexes me. Its such a general question, with so many possible answers that most of the time I leave it blank. And since this is on my travel page, do you want to know about me as a travel agent, or a person? This is me... I love my kids, I waited all my life for them, and couldn't be happier. They are my world. I am a caring person, almost to a fault, sometimes I get upset that others don't care enough. I love with all that I have. My family and my friends are very important to me and I would do anything for them. A lot of my friends I have known since elementary school, or at least Junior high school, friendship is important to me. I like to play sports,games and puzzles. I would love to be on Wheel of Fortune. Although I do love games, and sports, I do not like to lose, and have a tendency of only playing things I know I can win. I love to win! Especially when I am the underdog. I can be quite the procrastinator, but when I am interested in something, it gets my FULL attention until it is complete. I can be compulsive, as well as impulsive, but at the same time am well grounded. I love to travel and explore,and must do more of it.I want to see the world. I also love naps. I get motion sickness fairly easy in all modes of transportation.(this tends to put a damper on my travels) I am a worrier, a perfectionist and very sensitive, but those aren't the worst traits to have? (well i don't think so at least) I have been married for 9 years, and love my husband, and I thank God that he came into my life, finally a good guy, in a world of bad boys. I love watching stupid TV shows, pretty much all the ones they make fun of on "the Soup" So that's me, random huh.

I love to travel! I am planning our next trip before we get home from the last. It makes me happy. I want to see the world. I also enjoy camping, and being with family and friends. See the about you section for the rest : )

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