Christine Boecker

Travel Agent

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Thirty-some years ago, Christine Boecker entered her uncle's Travel Agency as a travel agent apprentice, not knowing Sydney, Canada from Sydney, Australia. Ever since that moment, Christine has been driven to explore the wonderful world we live in. Whether it be snorkeling with Sea Lions in the equatorial Galapagos, or sailing in the cold and windy Canadian Arctic on a Russian Icebreaker – and many memorable places in between!

Established travel expert Christine Boecker (Certified Travel Counsellor) is from Africa and has lived and worked in Europe & North America. Christine and her team at Vancouver-based TravelBoecker Adventures create memorable journeys of discovery, combining over 30 years of extensive travel experience with some of the best adventure travel partners around the world. Since 1977, we arrange vacations for travellers with a sense of adventure. You enjoy discovering people, places and animals that are different from those at home. And you believe in sustainable tourism, at the same time having total peace of mind. TravelBoecker-Tailor-Made combines your personal preferences with our expertise. We craft authentic and sustainable journeys and customize unique experiences designed to suit your budget and desired style of travel.

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