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What is Travel Tribe ? - video

What is Travel Tribe? Watch Now.

Why I choose travel? I have been a lover of travel sense I was a little girl and I always dreamed about the places I would see and the things that I would do. I have a list full of exotic destinations that I want to explore. I never knew how I would get the chance to see this magnificent world that we live in. Due to my life as a child of a single mother, I assumed that I would have to keep dreaming. As I grew older my love for travel got stronger, it never let me go and I never saw how it would be a part of my life. Until one day a miracle happened and I was presented with an opportunity of a lifetime from an angel and I knew that this was an answer to a lifelong prayer. I could not say NO and my destiny to see the world was on its way toward fulfillment. So as you can see I didn’t chose travel, travel choose me. I am excited to share the exquisiteness of the world with everyone I can and I endeavor to help make people’s dreams come true so that they create memorable experiences of a lifetime. Here’s to Your Dreams Coming True, Your Journey to Living Your Best Life Begins Now…….. Cee Cee H. Caldwell-Miller - “Lady Travel” Your Dream Travel Partner Diamond Serenity Travel Specializing in All-Inclusive, Luxury, Wellness and Cruise Travel The Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico are A Travelers Paradise!

On my list a places to see Phuket, Aruba, Tahiti, New Zealand, Paris and the list goes on and on, I am on my way to making memories too!

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