Reneé Richar

Travel Agent

What is Travel Tribe ? - video

What is Travel Tribe? Watch Now.

Hello! I am a travel agent with Boca Express Travel, an American Express Travel agency. I specialize in cruises and have a Master Cruise Counselor designation from the Cruise Line Intl. Association. I am honored to have been asked to be a TravelTribe Switzerland Advisor. It is a very diverse country wrapped up in a beautiful package of mountains and lakes. Please, allow me to make your dreams come true in Switzerland. I am also a certified agent with the Special Needs Group. I am always watching out for great travel ideas for my clients with accessibility issues.

I am not a shopper. I love to go to new places and get a feel for the people, their history and the nature around them. I love to try new foods and drinks. I enjoy adventures whether they be visiting a National Park or an amusement park (roller coasters are my favorite!). I like to have fun and I enjoy finding itineraries for my clients to have fun...with their family, partner, friends or alone.

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