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What is Travel Tribe ? - video

What is Travel Tribe? Watch Now.

Hello Travel Tribe, my name is Raynette Owens, I am a travel agent and the President of Southfield Travel & Tours Inc. as well as your Travel Time hostess with the mostest! This travel Tribe is for the STT Travel Time Radio Show members only.( coming soon after our website's launching). And so there are only 2 ways to join; (1) by signing up over the Southfield Travel & Tours Inc. website under Travel Time to receive an official Travel Time invitation to join us & become a travel tribe member or (2) Coming directly to the travel tribe website at & signing up directly & search for Travel Girl STT. Thank you for your continued support. Toodles from your Travelgirlstt.

Basically we are a full service travel agency. Therefore when it comes to travel you will find that we are interested in everything.

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