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Hello Travel Tribe, my name is Raynette Owens, I am a travel agent and the President of Southfield Travel & Tours Inc. as well as your Travel Time hostess with the moistest for the STT Travel Time Radio Show( coming soon after our website's launching) who has always kept a very close relationship with the Jamaican Tourist Board. In fact the Jamaican Tourist Board has appeared on our travel agency's radio program "Travel Time" (focus is to educate the public about the travel industry) just ask our Jamaican Tourist Representative (Ron Mesquite). I have personally in my lifetime visited Jamaica many times personally and its one of many of my favorite destinations to secure for my clients. Moreover and so in closing we have 2 tribes; (1) The STT Travel Time Travel Tribe (STT Radio) and (2) The STT One Love Travel Tribe (STT destination Jamaica). Enjoy! & Toodles for now. Your Travel Girl STT

This is just a thought and perhaps my own thought, but personally I just truly feel like the travel industry is the very best industry in the world!!! Don't you?

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