Tricia Schneider

Travel Agent

What is Travel Tribe ? - video

What is Travel Tribe? Watch Now.

I, along with my husband, Lee, own and operate Happy Wanderer Travel and Tours. We are travel consultants who specialize in planning unique travel experiences, worldwide. We have, personally, traveled abroad sixteen times in the past eight years. We have been all over Europe and visited Turkey and Egypt as well. We have worked with our clients to plan vacations throughout Europe, North America and Egypt. We are passionate about travel and its unique ability to make the world a much smaller place. Interacting with people from around the globe has made us better travel consultants and better citizens of "Planet Earth".

Our interests include travel, history, art, architecture and music. We are constantly reading (usually about one of the subjects I just mentioned). Our travels have given us the opportunity to explore all of these interests on a global basis. We are big fans of Rick Steves and are firm believers in his philosophy on travel.

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