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Travel Agent

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I am the luckiest lady in the world, to have such a rewarding job. I am a Travel Planner. At the end of the day my husband Randy will ask what I did today, and I get to reply with things like, “I was in Alaska this morning, Italy and Hawaii this afternoon, and worked on a cruise right before I left.” Every day brings with it a new adventure and the opportunity for me to explore new and old destinations. It’s so much fun to see the excitement as a bride figures out which destination they are going to get married or honeymoon in. I get to enjoy families as they choose a resort or cruise, and explore the things they are going to get to see and do. The rewards are amazing when they hug me and tell me how much fun they had planning it with me, or when they are in town and they come by just to give me a hug. I have clients in 14 states and 5 countries, so I never see many of them as we communicate solely by e-mail or phone. Many clients send me money before they have even decided where they want to go. I just keep a ledger, and when they have enough for a deposit, I call or e-mail them. Usually they’ve decided where they want to go and have their dates picked out, so I e-mail them different options they have for the budget they want to stay in. They really like to do it this way, saying, “If you have my money, I don’t just blow it, and I’m not stressed trying to come up with it at the end.”

A few of my favorites would be the ambiance of the Mediterranean,. Spain with its wonderful food and genuine people, Rome with all of its history and architecture, and to see how people actually lived in Pompeii is truly amazing. Diving in Mexico and the Caribbean runs a close second, and snow skiing or riding a motorcycle across the US has to be next on my list.

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