Doctor Sydwell Maifadi

Travel Agent

What is Travel Tribe ? - video

What is Travel Tribe? Watch Now.

Drop a few lines here to introduce yourself to the Travel Tribe community. My name is Sydwell Doctor Maifadi. Tourism is a huge part of my life. I had obtained various certificates from travel Agent and SATSA. I am prepared to continouly enhance my travelling qualifications inorder to keep up with the changing demands of the client and business environment. I love reading, learning and travelling. In short I love animals, people and their cultures. I love the world and strongly believe in responsible tourism (environmentally friendly).

Share more in your own words. Travelling allows people to share and gain about experiences, cultures (food). People also get to know more about the attraction areas (both natural and man made). travelling further affords people to get proper medical treatment and to share and gain business opportunities. In a nutshell it makes the world a small place.

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