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Learn and share ideas about how sporting events can be the basis for a one of a kind bucket list vacation. Let us exchange ideas about how to market sport vacations, incorporate sporting events into an existing vacation plan, and learn more about different suppliers catering to sporting events.

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  • Candi Thomas
    11/6/2017 2:00:36 PM
    Where is the best place to get tickets and get paid for doing it?
    • Jon Olsen
      11/7/2017 1:46:40 PM
      I use golden tickets for all my clients ticket needs
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  • Tammy O'Hara
    11/3/2017 10:15:59 AM
    Events Supplier
    I usually use Events365 for ticket add-ons, is there a supplier that someone would recommend for purchasing tickets for a FIT package.
    • Candi Thomas
      11/28/2017 9:28:09 AM
      I see that there is 3 to pick from, can I ask why you chose Events355?
    • Tammy O'Hara
      11/28/2017 9:47:51 AM
      I use Events 365 more frequently because they seem to have a wider cross section for tickets (sports, music, etc.) and most of the time I can find what I need on there but if I need very specific requests like international soccer matches Sports 365 or Golden Ticket is my go to.
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