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Get the latest inside scoop and what's REALLY HAPPENING in the place more Americans visit than any other country: Mexico! Our tribe of 'Official Mexico Specialists' have passed a rigorous online course about the vast variety of destinations and experiences that await you in Mexico: the place you thought you knew. These Specialists can share with you an array of Mexico trip planning resources (maps, videos, trip planners, suggested itineraries) and counsel you of finding the right Mexico vacation. Whether it's hiking in the Copper Canyon, swimming with whale sharks off the Yucatan coast, or finding a deluxe hideaway in the CostAlegre look to this tribe of experts for all your Mexico vacation needs.

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  • Tat Borjas
    2/1/2017 1:18:23 PM
    Mina de Acosta
    Me podrias informar por favor que dias abre la Mina de Acosta en Real de Monte y los horarios? Especificamente quiero saber que dias de Febrero 20, 21 y 22 esta abierta. Gracias
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  • Larry Weinberg
    1/26/2017 6:56:55 PM
    Travel to Mexico
    My wife and I live in Seattle, Washington a designated sanctuary city and we are so outraged by our new administration that we want to come to Mexico for a vacation and spend US dollars. Is there anyplace that is best and most in need of tourist revenue as we do not have a destination in mind are considering a trip just today based on our President's outrage actions toward our Southern neighbor. Muchas gracias!
      1/26/2017 7:16:33 PM
      Larry, aren't we all upset with the new presidents 'blame the poor' strategy. Do not know what area in Mexico is most in need. I would guess just about anywhere. New areas in southwest Mexico (Xjauntenera, Ixapta) or the province of Quantana Roo (South) may be your best bet.
    • Jani Doctor
      1/26/2017 7:48:50 PM
      Hi Larry, Terrific idea to visit Mexico! Where you enjoy your vacation in Mexico depends on what type of atmosphere you enjoy when traveling, and the kinds of activity you like. And costs vary so your budget makes a difference too. The Mexican people live under Federal rules for minimum pay, etc, so anywhere in the country the people will welcome your visit. You can enjoy a variety of 15th c. "Colonial" areas, beautiful, rich archeolgical or historical regions, or beautiful regions on either coast- from desert to plush jungle. Snorkel? Fishing? Surfing? Horsebackriding? Ruins? Arts? Crafts?Family fun? Kayaking? Whale watching? Culinary delights? Classes? Also, time of year when you wish to fly South may help you concentrate your research to a few places to explore where the weather is comfortable for you. Best wishes, Jani, TerraMar Travel Inc.
    • Monica Lozano
      1/26/2017 9:07:08 PM
      Hello Larry, we would love to help you plan your vacation. We have an agency in Mexico so we can help you plan a vacation that is truly cultural. Mexico has a lot of options: great beaches, small towns full of culture, nature, you name it. Some regions like central Mexico, Oaxaca, Chiapas are beautiful and are in big need of tourism. If you share with me a little more of what you and your wife like and are looking for I would be happy to put together some options for you. My email is
    • Shirley jacobson
      2/2/2017 6:43:12 PM
      Dear Larry Riviera Maya is a wonderful place to visit ..explore and return home with a memorable vacation and why we love to share this part of Mexico with our clients. I offer a great options when it comes to personalising your vacation with full worry free assistance from pre arrival right down to returning home. Looking forward to hearing from you .
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  • Luis Pertusa
    1/6/2017 8:00:56 PM
    Tour de un dia a Real de Catorce
    Hola, Estoy buscando una agencia que organice tours de un dia a Real de Catorce desde San Luis Potosí. Muchas gracias
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  • Maricxa Garza
    12/4/2016 11:02:03 AM
    How would it be possible for my friends and I get to Mazamitla? Should we stay in Guadalajara and drive from there? Thank you
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  • Eddie Aitken
    12/1/2016 5:19:41 PM
    Website entry
    Promoting a performing arts show in Mexico with 136 theatres around the world. 4 Theatres in Mexico Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Puebla. Can pass you details for inclusion on your website.
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    11/3/2016 4:39:40 AM
    Travel Mexico
    Dear Sir/Madam, I am Vietnamese, I am holding a valid Japan visa, I would like to ask to travel to Mexico need a Mexico visa ? Thanks for your reply, Wish you good day. CHAU, NGUYEN QUOC Mr.
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  • Perla Campos
    11/2/2016 12:44:46 AM
    1ro Enero
    Hola, ME gustaría saber si el mercado y el cerro del Tepozteco estaran abiertos el domingo 1ro de enero 2017, o que actividades se pueden realizar ese dia? Gracias! Perla.
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  • Ann Jurewicz
    8/18/2016 4:15:28 PM
    I am very interested in Mexico, especially Tijuana. Can you tell me how I might get some official posters? Ann Jurewicz 927 W Wilson Ave #505 Chicago, IL 60640 USA
    • Jani Doctor
      8/18/2016 5:00:05 PM
      Hi Ann- Try this web address to find a Mexican Tourism office. They should be able to help you: or try this to call their Chicago office: Mexico Tourism Board - Chicago Public Relations Liaison 225 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1850 Tel. (312) 228-0517 And- here is the info for the Tijuana Tourism Offices: Tijuana Rosarito Ensenada Baja Tourism Office Tijuana Convention and Visitors Bureau: 011-52-664-684-0537 or -684-0481 or 634-6330 Toll Free from the U.S. (888) 775-2417Â FREE Rosarito Convention and Visitors Bureau: 011-52-661-612-5222 or (800) 962-2252Â FREE Ensenada State Tourism Office: 011-52-646-172-3022 or (800) 310-9687Â FREE Baja California State Tourism Office: 011-52-664-634-6330, -634-6918 or -634-6574 Toll Free from the U.S. (888) 775-2417Â FREE Best wishes, Jani TerraMar Travel Inc
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    7/20/2016 7:14:40 PM
    Group travel
    I am a tour operator and I am looking for a receptive agency in Mexico City for 9 days / 20 to 25 pax / student group need accommodation, transportation and guide - main academic focus on architecture.
      7/21/2016 9:08:30 AM
      We would be delighted to be of service. You can contact me at Here is some information on our company - Company name: Tropical Travel Representatives dba The Mayan Traveler and Mexico Colonial Cities Address: P.O. Box 132739, Panther Creek Station, The Woodlands TX 77393; 205 Golden Shadow Circle, The Woodlands TX 77381 CV: Tour Operator/Wholesaler to Mexico and Mesoamerica; Offering tours since 1984; Specializing in – Archaeology tours, Cultural tours, Colonial cities and historic site tours, Natural history tours, Participatory activity tours; Clients include schools, universities, archaeological societies, other affinity groups, family groups and FITs, Since 1984 our challenge has been to excel in all standards of professional travel and tour services, offering the highest possible quality in our tour packages to Mundo Maya and our other destinations in Mexico, Central and South America. We are actively seeking permanent relationships based upon total trust, generated only through high quality, moderately priced tour fulfillment and excellence in service. Our past achievements have been made possible thanks to the extraordinary support of our personnel and a well assembled team of excellent, experienced ground operation partners who identify with and support our company’s goals and our clients' preferences. The permanent challenge of the present business environment demands from us not only the need to take good care of the every day detail of your trip, but also to optimize your time and investment and reduce unnecessary costs wherever and whenever possible. This permits us to advise you and plan your educational tours with the most updated and precise information available while providing high quality tours at reasonable prices. Priorities: Personal safety of our tour participants; High value, reasonably priced participatory tours; Educational, enriching, thoughtful and fun agendas; Pre-planned and customized itineraries; Environmentally and socially responsive sustainable programs Experience: Quality adventure tours to Latin America since 1984; Highly recommended by our clients and the press; Vetted, experienced and highly recommended operations Partners; Professional guides and expert lecturers Responsible Tourism statement: As a professional company The Mayan Traveler and Mexico Colonial Cities advocates and fully supports the principals of responsible and sustainable tourism. We believe that it is possible to provide an excellent quality travel experience for our clients while being culturally sensitive, protecting the sites we visit and helping to conserve the environment. Resource protection, conserving the natural environment and support of local communities will help the areas where we travel remain special places. We believe responsible tourism enriches the travel and learning experiences that we provide. The Mayan Traveler and Mexico Colonial Cities will achieve the above by undertaking the following: • Raising client awareness by promoting responsible tourism practices and principles in our communications; • Meeting and exceeding responsible tourism best practices; • Raising our own awareness of sustainability principles, issues and practices through regular and ongoing training of staff and staff of our operations partners; • Actively supporting Responsible Tourism bodies; • Ensuring local communities benefit from our profits in order to preserve and protect the area; • Partnering with local service providers, suppliers and communities; • Establishing preferred partnerships with individuals and organizations able to pass on to our clients an insight and understanding of the local area; • Ensuring preferred partnerships with individuals and organizations that share our commitment to responsible tourism; • Implementing reduce, reuse and recycle practices; • Using locally owned, responsibly run accommodations and support local income generation by supporting locally owned shops and restaurants by preference; • Promoting the inclusion of World Heritage Sites in itineraries as well as Wildlife and Nature parks as part of awareness rising with regards to natural and cultural heritage and conservation; • Respecting the history and cultural heritage unique to our region; • Working to protect the native flora and fauna of our destinations for generations to come; • Using only professionally qualified guides who have a great passion for their work who not only communicate the history of the places that our clients visit but they will also be able to tell about the culture and the local traditions and superstitions. The Mayan Traveler, Mexico Colonial Cities and operations partners’ clients: University of St. Thomas; Humboldt School—Caracas Venezuela; Hofstra University; Bowers Museum—Collectors Guild; Michael Coe, Archaeologist; Butte College; LaGrange College; Arizona Archaeology Association; Friends of Archaeology; Suleyman Tours of Turkey; Ocean County College Delta Kappa Gamma Honor Society; Cape Henry School; Wellesley University; Smithsonian Institution; Massachusetts Maritime Academy; The Berhhorst Foundation; The Mayan Society of Minnesota; Numerous Affinity and Family Groups Policies and procedures: The Mayan Traveler, Mexico Colonial Cities and our ground operations partners maintain the following: Emergency Response Plan, Preventative Measures to Avoid Crisis, Crisis Management Plan. Insurance coverages: Travel Agents and Tour Operators Professional Liability Insurance with a $1,000,000 limit. Coverage is World Wide and provides Bodily Injury and Property Damage General Liability, non-owned Automobile Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, Professional Liability and Personal Injury. Coverage is written through the Zurich American Insurance Company. If we are honored with your business you will, at your request, be provided with Certificate of Insurance certifying these coverages and limits.
    • Monica Lozano
      7/21/2016 12:11:26 PM
      Hello we are located in Mexico and we would love to be of help to you. Please send me your email so we can discuss further and we can create a customized proposal for your students. My email is
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  • Falon Scott
    7/7/2016 9:50:41 AM
    Once in a Lifetime Experiences
    Hi, I am planning a trip in 2017 for about 15 guests (coming from USA). I want a 5 to 7 night trip, with once in a lifetime experiences. The best cities, towns, food, drinks, people, etc. Our budget is $25k per person...inclusive. Can we set up a time to talk thru options, etc.? My email is and cell is 615.428.5082. Thanks!
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