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Get the latest inside scoop and what's REALLY HAPPENING in the place more Americans visit than any other country: Mexico! Our tribe of 'Official Mexico Specialists' have passed a rigorous online course about the vast variety of destinations and experiences that await you in Mexico: the place you thought you knew. These Specialists can share with you an array of Mexico trip planning resources (maps, videos, trip planners, suggested itineraries) and counsel you of finding the right Mexico vacation. Whether it's hiking in the Copper Canyon, swimming with whale sharks off the Yucatan coast, or finding a deluxe hideaway in the CostAlegre look to this tribe of experts for all your Mexico vacation needs.

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  • Talena Sanders
    5/6/2015 1:49:53 AM
    Hotel in Pahuatlan
    Hi - I am trying to find a hotel in or near Pahuatlan to stay for 2 nights on May 19 and May 20. Are there any hotels that have online reservation options?
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  • Nicole Luberski
    4/22/2015 12:51:34 PM
    Information Medical Tourism
    I was wondering how much the total cost would be to to go to Mexico for plastic surgery and how much the plastic surgery would cost.
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  • alan markell
    4/22/2015 9:03:31 AM
    Is there a tour of expiate friendly cities in Mexico, like Merida, San Miguel Allende, Lake Chapalal ???
    • Michael Gropper
      5/6/2015 11:30:42 PM
      Hi Alan, There are a number of companies that do offer trips to the colonial cites of Mexico which include San Miguel Allende. Merida is usually not on the itinerary nor Lake Chapalal. Lake Chapalal is very close to Guadalajara and there is a very big expiate community in Ajijic. Most of the colonial cities are very safe and are visited by expiates. For example, Guanajuato is a big tourist destination for Mexicans, but has a lot of expiates live and visit there as well. It is an amazing place to visit and experience Mexico. I lived there for 6 moths and had an amazing time. It is not like San Miguel Allende where you will hear a lot of English spoken in the streets. If you want to visit different cites but stay within the Colonial city and not go on a tour, then you can easily get around by bus. A great company is Prima Plus. They are very dependable and comfortable. If I can help you in anyway planning your trip, please contact me at: or visit my website. Michael Amigos EduVenture Travel
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  • Nikolaos Nakopoulos
    4/19/2015 10:40:12 AM
    Psychiatric services
    Helo there, I have been browsing your site and i am very interested in your psychiatric services. Could you be so kind and give me some thourough information about the financial part? What would be the payment
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  • Poalo Apeles
    4/14/2015 1:39:18 PM
    Official Valladolid website?
    Hello, I was wondering if there is a direct website for the town of Valladolid? I have some business inquiries.
    • Barbra Bishop
      4/14/2015 2:22:38 PM
      Hello, I am not aware of a city website for Valladolid. Here's a link to Yucatan Today, a monthly publication on all things Yucatan, and a nice article on Valladolid. The people at Yucatan Today are extremely experienced & knowledgeable about the areas in and around Merida & Yucatan (including Valladolid). I suggest you go to Yucatan Today's Contact Us page and email or call someone there they'll likely provide some direction for you. They also offer a contact via email page. Valladolid is a great place. Wishing you success with business ventures there. Feel free to contact me for trip/accommodation assistance in Yucatan as I am a trip planner, specializing in Mexico. Barbra Bishop email:
    • Monica Lozano
      4/14/2015 3:46:53 PM
      Hello Paolo, I visited Valladolid last summer and made some connections there. Our agency prepares business agendas and itineraries and would be happy to help you plan your business trip to Valladolid, our email is Kind Regards, Monica Castorela
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  • Antelmo Morales
    4/5/2015 2:42:16 PM
    Habitaciones disponibles
    Estoy buscando una habitacion disponible para hoy y mañana en Tepoztlan Morelos. Por favor avisar a este email Si hay disponibilidad.
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  • Jason J
    3/16/2015 1:48:35 PM
    Chinese Media/Marketing Opportunities
    To Whom It May Concern, This is a message regarding marketing/media opportunities for audiences in China. We are FansTang/China Branding Group, the largest creator of Western entertainment content, across social media and online video, for the China market and largest China licensee of major international events reaching an extensive high income city dwelling demographic with over 100mm consumers being reached across regularly across our content distribution. As the Chinese market and its consumers becoming increasingly important to the global economy, awareness and engagement is especially crucial for understanding the market and allocating resources. FansTang’s extensive and interactive cross-platform media serves the world's top celebrities, brands, film studios, ad agencies and largest major events in creating substantial distribution, awareness and ongoing engagement. We produce a large amount of travel/tourism related entertaining content for audiences in China which takes place in locations throughout the United States including our NBA fan show below, where fans were selected through Chinese social media and brought to the US to engage in challenges and then meet an NBA player. By having your country partake in aspects of our China programming, more Chinese tourists and travellers will be inclined to visit your location due to an interest in the components we build into the programming. Some recent episode examples of our recent NBA fan show that highlights components of Los Angeles are below: Sizzle: This is demonstrated by a recent Chinese reality show called “Dad, Where Are You Going?” which is a competition production where families travel all over to the world to accomplish specific tasks. More than 400 million viewers across China tuned into this program and consequently proceeded to visit the locations promoted in the show. After the episode featuring New Zealand aired, the total value of tourism in the country was estimated at NZD $169 million, which was more than the entire year’s budget for the industry. This is explained in the following article: ( Our localized programming can create substantial Chinese awareness for Mexico and we would look forward to discussing a collaboration. Please let me know when you would like to set up a time. Also, let me know if you have any other questions. Best regards, Jason
    • Barbra Bishop
      3/16/2015 3:41:19 PM
      I suggest you contact one of the six US offices of the Mexico Tourism Board listed on the following link. Good luck.
    • Michael Gropper
      3/16/2015 9:50:51 PM
      Hi Jason I would be interested in speaking with you more regarding your proposal. My tour company specializes in trips to Mexico. As a Mexican tourism specialist, I can help you create a connection with Mexico and develop a specific tour for you. I work directly with a company in Mexico that already provides tours and works with me building tours around travelers needs. Please visit my website to learn more about: www." If you believe that we can be a good match, please contact me and lets see what we can build together. Regards, Michael Amigos EduVenture Travel
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  • Abdul rizak
    3/11/2015 5:09:41 AM
    hi i am kenyan i come here in india for medical check-up but i need to see mexico for medical and tourist can you help me that
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  • Rachelle Drapeau-Ménard
    2/8/2015 9:58:13 PM
    Who to trust
    Hi, we are planning some excursions during pur stay. There are a lot of companies offering all types of tours but are they all safe? Do you have exemples of trustable tour companies. Thank you
    • Danielle Bisignano
      2/8/2015 11:26:19 PM
      I always use Olympus tours. Great company and trustworthy!
    • Michael Gropper
      2/9/2015 1:06:54 PM
      Hi, My name is Michael Gropper and I own a travel agency called "Amigos EduVenture Travel." My company specializes in tours to Mexico, Central and South America. Presently, I work with a travel agent and tour guide in Guanajuato, Mexico who offers some amazing trips to the Colonial Cities, Oaxaca, Guadalajara and Mexico City. These trips are not posted on my website, but I arrange them for travelers like yourself. Another exciting trip that I offer is a 7 day culinary adventure with visits to Oaxaca, Pueblo and Mexico City. For more details about my company, please visit my webpage at: How long do you plan to visit Mexico and where would like to visit. I will very happy not only to help plan your trip, but answer any questions you may have. Look forward to hearing from you… Michael Gropper
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  • Mari Sunami
    1/24/2015 7:03:49 PM
    travel to Quatrocienagas
    Is Quatrociengas a good destination for a US visitor interested in getting to know more about Mexico? Is it relatively easy to get there by car from Texas, or it it preferable to travel by air?
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