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Greetings & welcome to One Love, Travel tribe, Southfield Travel & Tours Inc.& your Travel girl STT. The Travel Tribe:A travel tribe is a social group sometimes having blood ties, economic, and common culture. To sum this all up everyone is related by affinity. The One Love travel Tribe is a destination always Jamaica travel tribe although the affinity may change. The destination will never change. There will be a bi-annual travel event/trips that are coming soon...keep checking this post for more trip details everyone, as STT continues to check for your questions & comments by following this travel process: 1.Express your interest 2. Once we're sure of group interest 3. We'll begin posting trip details.Thanks everyone! Please see the2tribe travel ideas below we're in the process of planning for Jamaica.Thanks your Travel Girl STT ONE LOVE TRAVEL TRIBE TRIP IDEAS 1. THE STELLAS GIRLS GETAWAY(Based;1998 film How Stella Got Her Groove Back) 2. THE JAMAICAN SUMFEST(A music festival)

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