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  • Los Cabos

    Los Cabos

  • Mother/Daughter Costa Rica Adventure

    Mother/Daughter Costa Rica Adventure

  • All Around The World

    All Around The World

  • Jamaica 2015

    Jamaica 2015

    In January of 2015, I finally had the opportunity to visit Ocho Rios. I have made many trips to Jamaica, but never had the pleasure of visiting Ocho Rios. For the first time, our cruise ship stopped at the port of Ocho Rios. Now that I have finally been there, I understand why is such a popular destination. It doesn't matter if you are on a cruise ship, staying at a resort or just flying in for a weekend. There are so many things to do. Of course, you MUST visit Dunn's River Falls! The...

  • Las Vegas Girls Trip

    Las Vegas Girls Trip

  • You think you are cut out for doing lost in Portugal?

    You think you are cut out for doing lost in Portugal?

    Two soluble co co-codamols taken against medical advice on an empty stomach didn’t help to stop the constant and horrendous noise of happy water streaming under our idyllic apartment somewhere in Portugal. Exhausted with spending the previous day reading a map which made the Mappa Mundi look like the latest cartography achievement of the 21st century, and with listening to a posh voice on the GPS that we constantly debated whether was Joanna Lumley’s or not and which navigated us into...

  • Polynésie Française

    Polynésie Française

    3 days on Moorea at Manava beach Resort overwater villas Diner at Sofitel and Hilton 14 days on Paul Gauguin cruise

  • Jamaica Sandals

    Jamaica Sandals

    Toured 6 Sandals properties in Jamaica

  • Jamaica


    My fiance and I had such a wonderful experience! We do every single time we visit this Island. It's just so beautiful there. I just can't stay away and am working on my 8th visit to this lovely country! Out of one many people.

  • Jamaica Destination Wedding

    Jamaica Destination Wedding

    Planned a destination wedding group trip of over 130 guests. We stayed at Riu Reggae Hotel in Montego Bay. I also visited Negril (Club Riu Negril, Rick's Cafe) on this trip.

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