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  • Bahamas


    Since I just completed the Bahamas Specialist Course, I thought I'd load some of my favorite pictures from trips I've taken to the Bahamas.

  • Jamaica


    I tend to move around a lot when I travel so I can experience different hotels and resorts. Here's my last trip to Jamaica which focused on the area around Runaway Bay.

  • WOW Specialist

    WOW Specialist

    I've sold weddings at Hard Rock Hotels for years but recently completed the WOW Specialist program. I thought I knew a lot, but it was amazing to learn more and get certified.

  • Flanders area of Belgium--Hidden Gem of Europe!

    Flanders area of Belgium--Hidden Gem of Europe!

    We visited 5 major cities in the northern half of Belgium, the Flanders region. This region speaks Dutch, but almost everyone speaks English fluently. The cities have historic areas which are preserved beautifully. Everything is within walking distance and many creative city tours are available. The Belgians take their beer and food very seriously. Even the museum cafeterias had 4 star dining. The people are warm and inviting. There are no attractions that are over crowded. It is a...

  • Jamaica, Mon!

    Jamaica, Mon!

    I can feel confident making recommendations to you because I have been there. This last trip to Jamaica was solely to visit the beautiful resorts and amazing attractions that Jamaica has to offer. I visited/toured twelve properties and three attractions so I could share there with you. I experienced the gastronomy, the accommodations and the customer service. Jamaica! Yeh Mon!

  • South America & Antarctica

    South America & Antarctica

    The most unique place my husband and I explored was Antarctica. Time before and after was spent in South America, which was very interesting, but nothing compares to seeing icebergs larger than our ship, penguins lining up on floating bergs and hopping in the ocean and sea lions basking in the sun.

  • Jamaica


    These are a few of my favorite places in Jamaica. In addition I will include a wonderful small villa that I recommend for a romantic getaway, destination wedding or a family reunion. They cater to your every need and wish!

  • Sandals Ochi --Jamaica

    Sandals Ochi --Jamaica

    For my husbands 50th birthday I planned a trip to our first Sandals & Jamaica trip. I can not tell you enough about how awesome this place is. If you are looking for somewhere that stays busy, lots of entertainment, no problem atmosphere, and fun -no I mean FUN, this is the place to visit. Sandals is where you go to be spoiled that is for sure. Jamaica itself is a relaxing culture, the staff and people we encountered were so amazing. It truly is the home of no worries, no problem...

  • Sandals & Beaches Jamaica FAM Trip

    Sandals & Beaches Jamaica FAM Trip

    I was lucky enough to spend 6 days in Jamaica touring 6 of the Sandals and Beaches Properties. I fell in love with Jamaica and Sandals and cannot wait to go back!

  • Walt Disney World 2016 Fall Trip Report

    Walt Disney World 2016 Fall Trip Report

    Walt Disney World Trip Report Epcot Frozen Ride, SoarIn Over the World, Animal Kingdom new nighttime events…. Lauren and Chris are back from Walt Disney World and they have gone to see and report back on everything new as we enter Fall 2016. There is so much new at Walt Disney World this year, from Disney Springs offering all sorts of new restaurants, shops, and entertainment, to EPCOT’s new Frozen ride and Soarin Over The World Attraction. Disney Hollywood Studios lights up the night...

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