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1/11/2015 To 1/16/2015
In January of 2015, I finally had the opportunity to visit Ocho Rios. I have made many trips to Jamaica, but never had the pleasure of visiting Ocho Rios. For the first time, our cruise ship stopped at the port of Ocho Rios. Now that I have finally been there, I understand why is such a popular destination. It doesn't matter if you are on a cruise ship, staying at a resort or just flying in for a weekend. There are so many things to do. Of course, you MUST visit Dunn's River Falls! The falls are absolutely beautiful and nothing like I had imagined. There is no experience like climbing up those rocks! I also had the opportunity to visit Dolphin Cove. There are so many things to do at one location. We went snorkeling and afterwards we saw dolphins and small sharks in a controlled environment. I am looking forward to returning to see more of Ocho Rios!

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  • Dunn's River Falls and Dolphin Cove
Unfortunately, the website would not let me download the pictures of the falls but I could download a picture of the dolphin at Dolphin Cove

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